Cheltenham General Hospital


0300 422 6641

The medical day unit provides IV drip (intravenous infusion) treatments for patients with stomach, kidney, neurology, rheumatology, breathing or skin conditions.

You will have a cannula inserted into a vein, usually in your arm or the back of your hand, which carries fluid directly into your bloodstream. This may be prescribed medication, fluid replacement, or a blood transfusion.

Other services

You may also come to the medical day unit if you need:

  • tests for pre-surgery iron infusions
  • tests for hormone production conditions (endocrinology)
  • blood or iron transfusions
  • an ultrasound probe to check for a heart condition (transoesophageal echocardiogram)
  • a liver biopsy
  • fluid drained from your abdomen (paracentesis drains)


You can have a friend or relative stay with you until you have your treatment. They can stay in the waiting area, or come back to the unit once your treatment is finished.

Food and drink

We do not serve hot food and drink on the day unit, but you will be offered:

  • hot and cold drinks
  • biscuits or a sandwich

We have a restaurant at Cheltenham General Hospital, and a number of cafes and shops.

Find out more about food and drink at our hospitals.