Gloucestershire Royal Hospital


The Women's Centre, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Our team of experts provide high quality, expert care for sick and premature babies.

Some babies need special care in hospital, if they're born early or need a little extra help after birth.

Our neonatal unit in the Women's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is fully equipped to look after your baby with a range of facilities including intensive care (also known as a NICU or Special Care Baby Unit).


Parents and siblings can visit the ward 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other visitors may attend during the hours of 2pm - 7pm each day.

  • No more than two visitors per cot at once please.
  • Brothers and sisters of your baby can visit, but no other children please. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Please switch your mobile phone to silent – if you need to use it, please do so outside the main clinical areas.
  • Always wash your hands when you enter or leave the ward and your baby's room to reduce the risk of infection. Removing your coat and outdoor clothing when you first arrive also helps prevent the spread of infection. You can use the lockers provided to store your coat.

How to contact the ward

Telephone number: - 0300 422 5529
Please note: Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.

Free Wifi

Free Wifi is available on all our wards. If you have any difficulty accessing this, please speak to a member of ward staff.

Food and drink

There are a variety of shops and restaurants in our hospitals. Read more about food and drink.

Support for families

This short film was produced at the suggestion of families who have spent time on our neonatal unit.

Support groups

We provide a supportive and caring service for all our babies and their families. We also have two active support groups for parents with babies on the unit - HOPE and our dad's group, S.H.E.D. Please ask the staff on the unit for more details of both.

S.H.E.D facebook page

In the past 10 years, approximately 5,000 fathers have had a child on Gloucestershire Royal's Neonatal Unit. Here are some of their stories.